Saturday, January 7, 2017

When life doesn't go my way

'Life' teaches us to be in the drivers seat, having full and complete control of the path. Steering the course and focusing on the final desitnation, with many stops along the way, there are lessons to be learnt. Each encounter adds up and impacts the course to which you steer. Your mind is constantly busy mapping out the perfect time line to your journey. But when thoughts become your reality, and life takes its course you realise perhaps you weren't really driving in the first place.

I am often reminded of a song that is very dear to me. It is titled Jesus take the wheel. A place of surrender, and complete yielding to His guidance. So often we are busy planning our own path that we neglect the fact that God is in control. How many times do we really include him in our plans?
I know it sounds cliche but it is good to seek the Lord and hear what he is saying.  Don't wait for when the ship wrecks to trust God. Trust Him before the ship wreck. Trust him in the good times and the bad times. Trust Him when things are going well and when they aren't. Trust him in your struggle and in your victory. Don't wait for life to go south to run to Jesus. Run to Him now. Seek His face and embrace His presence today. So when things don't go your way, you'll know there is a way OUT and victory is on the other side of your situation.


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