Thursday, August 18, 2016

Playing Hide and Seek with God?

The first biblical account of hide and seek had eternal ramifications. This story is probably one of the most popular stories in the bible, and is usually up for debate. Well at least people try to analyse who to cast the blame on. Adam and Eve! Ah a story that never gets old, an account to always remember and the reason we need Jesus.

So two people are in the Garden of Eden enjoying the fullness of life and God’s presence! Unable to adhere to one simple rule, Adam and Eve gave in to temptation and ate of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. Much debate that it was Eve’s fault because she gave Adam the fruit, but friend this account isn’t about who was tempted first. It is about who fell into the trap of the enemy, and they both did.

Then the great game begun, which I believe is the greatest sin in this entire account. Adam and Eve did not only sin by eating the fruit, they sinned also by playing a great game of Hide and Seek. They hid from God. I believe many of us are hiding from the Father. Perhaps you think you are not worthy, may be you are scared or even embarrassed for some reason. Let me assure you that there is no other person as loving, kind and willing to give a listening ear to you. There is nothing you can do that would be a good enough reason to hide from God.

That is the biggest deception in this plot of sin. You sin yes, there is a solution for our sinful ways, and His name is Jesus. But if the enemy can tell us all these lies to make us believe that we should stay away from God, or if we try to clean up our act on or own accord, THEN SATAN WINS.
When you sin, don’t run from Jesus, run to Him. No matter what,we are His children and He loves and cares about you deeply. Like a Father He will not want to see you go down a path of destruction and stay there to succumb to your injuries.

It’s time to stop the game, Hide and Seek has eternal ramifications! Don’t be caught out of His grace.

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