Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I am not a pushover

I am not a pushover. I don’t know but sometimes I feel the world has its own perception of how a Christian should look, act, think, dress and speak. While I do agree that we adhere to a higher calling and our purpose includes living like Jesus did, I sometimes feel like the world’s perception is almost robotic and not practical.

Being Christian does not make us any better than others, it does not mean that we have taken on a heavenly body and cannot make mistakes. It means that we have now made a decision to follow Christ who is able to help us live righteously. We are no longer slaves to sin as the word of God declares. We are now children of the most high God, and are expected according to biblical principle to work out our salvation. This means the Christian journey is not just about acceptance. Although acceptance of Jesus and His sacrifice is the foundation of our faith, the real journey starts after our decision to follow Christ.

We are Christians living in a human body that comprises of a soul and a spirit. Your soul is the hub of all emotions, thoughts and that place where you reason. From birth we were trained to be controlled by our soul. However, when our spirits became alive in Jesus, we learn that we can never fully rely on our own judgements, reason and emotions to live an effective Christian life. Our emotions, own human judgement and reason can fail us because as the bible says in Ephesians, We wrestle not against flesh and blood. This scripture is so clear, that our battle is not a physical one, it is a spiritual battle we are in. It is a battle for your soul.

It has been scientifically proven that it takes 40 days to form or break a habit. But imagine all those habits that were formed over years. It is not easy to break certain habits. But I want to tell you about a God that is able to do exceeding what our own human minds can comprehend. His name is Jesus, and if you yield yourself to him, saturate yourself in His word and believe, you would see how He can turn your life into a miracle.

For years I battled with this worldly perception of ‘ the christian’ which is sadly penetrating the church. I firmly believe that God is concerned with your heart condition as opposed to your outward appearance. I’ve heard, dress your best to come see Jesus or dress and look as if you were going to see a king. I get the point completely, but I feel we are missing the mark.

God is raising up an army that will go forth and preach the gospel without compromise. We have to get ready as a body, and I somehow feel we need to mentally prepare. If a man dressed as a woman were to walk in the church what would be your reaction? If your first thought is anything BUT THANK YOU JESUS, we are far off from who Jesus wants us to be. He said to come as you are. So that does not include the people that the church avoids like the plague? Church wake up, let us prepare and get the worldly perception of ‘ the christian’ out of our system. The only condition we have  is to mirror JESUS.

Christians are meant to be bold and not always meek and quiet. We are to stand up against the wiles of the enemy. How are we doing that if we have the mentality that we are to just sit in a corner and say nothing. Your words have power, and no we do not always need to be quiet. Sometimes we have to open our mouths and begin to declare God’s word. The enemy wants to shut you up and when He does, guess what. He wins! Christians are strong, bold, courageous, able to stand up for what is right according to biblical principle. The only way this can work is if we yield ourselves completely to the Holy Spirit, and listen to the leading of God’s voice. Because if we don’t we would go about life haphazardly doing things according to the leading of our flesh.

You are not a push over, you are strong and bold and courageous. Do not allow the enemy to silence you!

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