Tuesday, January 24, 2017


James 5:16 "Make this your common practice: Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you can live together whole and healed. The (fervant) prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with."
The Greek words for fervent translates;- to show great zeal; be ardently passionate (literally "boiling" with interest or desire); "to be deeply committed to something, with the implication of accompanying desire – 'to be earnest, to set one's heart on, to be completely intent upon.' Elijah prayed for no rain and there was no rain for three and a half years and then prayed again that it would rain and it did. We have that same power over our circumstances when we pray. What seems beyond our control and impossible in the natural becomes possible when we open our mouths and pray In the of Jesus. Prayer is the answer to your problems!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Rejoice and Pray NO MATTER WHAT!

I woke up this morning with this scripture on my heart. I was reminded not to focus on my situation, but rather to focus on Jesus. He is the one who strengthens us, who makes us able to achieve what is impossible, he is the everlasting God who does not go back on His word, the God that does not change, the unshakable, unbreakable God, JESUS. 

As I read this scripture I heard the Lord nudge me with this, Your Victory is as big as Your praise! I want to encourage you to pray like you've never prayed before. Praise like you've never praised before. No matter what!!!! The bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:16‭-‬22 "Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens. This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live. Don’t suppress the Spirit, and don’t stifle those who have a word from the Master. On the other hand, don’t be gullible. Check out everything, and keep only what’s good. Throw out anything tainted with evil." So today I challenge you PRAY, REJOICE AND LIVE the life that God has called you to. #rejoice #praywithoutceasing #goodmorning

Saturday, January 7, 2017

When life doesn't go my way

'Life' teaches us to be in the drivers seat, having full and complete control of the path. Steering the course and focusing on the final desitnation, with many stops along the way, there are lessons to be learnt. Each encounter adds up and impacts the course to which you steer. Your mind is constantly busy mapping out the perfect time line to your journey. But when thoughts become your reality, and life takes its course you realise perhaps you weren't really driving in the first place.

I am often reminded of a song that is very dear to me. It is titled Jesus take the wheel. A place of surrender, and complete yielding to His guidance. So often we are busy planning our own path that we neglect the fact that God is in control. How many times do we really include him in our plans?
I know it sounds cliche but it is good to seek the Lord and hear what he is saying.  Don't wait for when the ship wrecks to trust God. Trust Him before the ship wreck. Trust him in the good times and the bad times. Trust Him when things are going well and when they aren't. Trust him in your struggle and in your victory. Don't wait for life to go south to run to Jesus. Run to Him now. Seek His face and embrace His presence today. So when things don't go your way, you'll know there is a way OUT and victory is on the other side of your situation.


Monday, September 5, 2016

I'm not where I want to be

Hello, September! This is my first article for September, Can you believe that the year is almost over? I know for many, this year would have brought its fair share of trials, struggles and blessings.

However, today I want to talk to those persons who feel they have not accomplished that which they intended to for this year.

I want to let you know firstly all is not lost. I believe that God has a great plan and purpose for you and  I just want to encourage you to let go of those thoughts that may have you thinking you are not where you could have been.

I know for a fact that when we are caught in a predicament like this, these thoughts can play on our minds. There is something I like to call the " coulda, woulda, shoulda mentality". What coulda been, shoulda happen and woulda be a particular way is NOT.  So many times I have experienced this, 'internal questionnaire'. But what I've learnt is the longer I kept this mentality the more distracted and depressed I became and I believe that is the purpose of it, to distract you and keep you down.

It is good to reflect on our mistakes and see where we went wrong but there is no reason we need to stay in that rot. I've learnt to deal with what is my reality. And guess what you are not alone, with God you will come out victorious.

God wants you to rise above your circumstance, hold on to His word and run with it. So what! I may not be where I intended to be, but guess what its not too late. There is HOPE.

And today, I especially find peace in that word. HOPE! So in the midst of your situation, I encourage you to have faith, don't be discouraged. Find peace in the presence of the Lord.

Remember to dream big and don't let today's rejection discourage you, instead take it as an encouragement to break new ground.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Jealously Kills Purpose

Jealously is defined as a desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable thing belonging to (someone else) or a resentful longing. Let me firstly say that this post is in no way intended to any one group, person or organisation.
For too long I’ve witnessed Christians fighting amongst each other, taking offence and living with un-forgiveness in their heart. Ok, so we are all human. I understand! But sometimes it was so bad that I had to wonder if the body of Christ was on the same mission, which is to take the uncompromised word of God to the ends of the earth.

For a while The Lord has been pressing this word ‘Purpose’ on my heart and my recent posts and in fact this blog is meant to encourage Christians to walk in purpose.

The bottom line is, we are all called to ministry! That ministry is to serve. Titles really are nothing if you don’t have the heart of a servant like Jesus did. So many times we get caught up wanting to acquire titles that we forget our purpose.

Many, Many, Many times I heard my Pastor say “ You are an Original, you are not a copy-cat”. And that is true; God’s plan for your life is unlike any other. It is unique and specific to you. I get that we sometimes look up to ministers and are inspired by their life, love for the Lord and ministerial giftings. But rest assured that God has a plan for you too, and it’s a big plan. Desiring to be like someone else, even in the most innocent way is not what God has for you.

Scripture says in Psalm 84:11 “For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.”

Can you imagine that? No good thing will He withhold from us! How awesome!

Jealousy has a purpose; which is to kill your God given purpose. Focus on your call, passion and God given purpose. The scripture says in Proverbs 14:30 “ A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.

Jealously will destroy you! It will stifle and kill your purpose if you allow it to take root in your lives. You see if you are so focused on what God is doing in the lives of other Christians then what time will to have to work on your own purpose. There is a thin line between being inspired by someone and operating out of a spirit of jealousy.

Its ok we all fall short and thank God we have Jesus to help us pick up the pieces. I believe one of the root causes of jealousy is a lack of self-confidence, or feeling inferior. 

But I want to encourage you and let you know that YOU HAVE A GREAT AND MIGHTY WORK TO DO IN THE EARTH AND KINGDOM OF GOD. Don’t settle for what the world has already seen. God is saying, your call and purpose, no eye has seen, nor ear has heard neither has it entered into the heart of man what God has in store for you. Don’t allow jealously to take root in your lives and even if you have battled with this for a while, run to the Lord. He wants to help you and deliver you!

Drop the jealousy, quit settling and be who God called YOU to be. And that’s being the BEST YOU there can be!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Where is the Army?

Ever since I became a Christian I've been hearing, God is raising up an army, God is raising up an army, God is raising up an army. For years I had been hearing this, on the television, radio and in the churches. This had been ringing through the body.

One day I began to question if I would ever see this army that God is raising. And God being the cool dude that He is stopped me dead in my tracks, and gave a shake down. He said that I had been focusing on the wrong thing and looking in the wrong places. Well it was then I became a little more intrigued. As He kept downloading this huge awakening, I grew completely baffled. He said YOU (the present day body of Christ) ARE THE ARMY and there is nothing futuristic about it. BOOM! How awesome is that? and how wrong was I....WOW!

I believe that we as The Body of Christ have become so busy looking at each other and pointing fingers and comparing one to another that we've missed the whole point.  WE ARE THE ARMY GOD WANTS TO RAISE UP. We need to stop looking for revival and get in the word of God, and spend time in His presence. Revival starts in our hearts first, don't think its about thousands of people gathered in one place. When revival happens yes, it manifests that way and people are drawn to the anointing, but let us all stop being on the look out and start being all that God wants us to be as individuals.

You have a purpose and only you can fulfil that purpose on the earth.

I began studying the story of Lazarus. Hasn't it ever occurred to you that Jesus took seconds to raise this man from the dead? Why on earth then are we accepting this lie of the enemy that revival will 'soon' take place and all we need to do is just anticipate it. And in the midst of our anticipation (while we wait), we become complacent and we kick our feet back and relax as if the army will magically appear one day. Think about this if God could raise a DEAD man in seconds why would He take so long to raise up people that are very much ALIVE.

My Christian people, it's time for us to wake up out of our slumber and not only get ready but be ready in time for the move of God. Time is limited and there are people in the world that need Jesus.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Playing Hide and Seek with God?

The first biblical account of hide and seek had eternal ramifications. This story is probably one of the most popular stories in the bible, and is usually up for debate. Well at least people try to analyse who to cast the blame on. Adam and Eve! Ah a story that never gets old, an account to always remember and the reason we need Jesus.

So two people are in the Garden of Eden enjoying the fullness of life and God’s presence! Unable to adhere to one simple rule, Adam and Eve gave in to temptation and ate of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. Much debate that it was Eve’s fault because she gave Adam the fruit, but friend this account isn’t about who was tempted first. It is about who fell into the trap of the enemy, and they both did.

Then the great game begun, which I believe is the greatest sin in this entire account. Adam and Eve did not only sin by eating the fruit, they sinned also by playing a great game of Hide and Seek. They hid from God. I believe many of us are hiding from the Father. Perhaps you think you are not worthy, may be you are scared or even embarrassed for some reason. Let me assure you that there is no other person as loving, kind and willing to give a listening ear to you. There is nothing you can do that would be a good enough reason to hide from God.

That is the biggest deception in this plot of sin. You sin yes, there is a solution for our sinful ways, and His name is Jesus. But if the enemy can tell us all these lies to make us believe that we should stay away from God, or if we try to clean up our act on or own accord, THEN SATAN WINS.
When you sin, don’t run from Jesus, run to Him. No matter what,we are His children and He loves and cares about you deeply. Like a Father He will not want to see you go down a path of destruction and stay there to succumb to your injuries.

It’s time to stop the game, Hide and Seek has eternal ramifications! Don’t be caught out of His grace.


Hello My name is Renata Singh and I am the author of this blog. I write based on my personal experience and beliefs. I aim to use this forum to empower Christians, and to especially let them know they are not alone on their journey. God bless.

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