I'm entitled to my own opinion

I use to be really opinionated, and while I have "THE RIGHT" to an opinion, I've learnt by my mistakes that opinions do NOT change circumstance( this took me years to understand). After making so many mistakes out of sheer frustration that came because of the problems that surrounded me and caused me to remain STAGNANT I grew weary and eventually fed up of where I had been because of MY CHOICES. I decided to change!

I began doing something different which changed my outlook on life in general. I began to funnel my opinions through my ability to commit to change. You see, I was good at talking about what it would take for change to happen, and what I thought others should do, BUT I WAS LAZY SO I MYSELF DID NOTHING ABOUT THE PROBLEMS AROUND ME! In turn I wasted alot of time, however GOD is the redeemer of time and I believe even while I was in that dark place I was being taught a very valuable lesson; how to be an agent of change.
Today, If you are faced with some problem o…
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